Topas Vietnam guide

Numerous options await your Vietnam journey - Topas own Vietnam guide helps you on the road.

Vietnam is always worth a visit – regardless of the time of year. The elongated lush land contains 54 ethnic minorities and has been through a changeable time within the last 100 years. So no matter how you travel in Vietnam you will experience history, culture and nature side by side.

Vietnamese kitchen - Street food

The Vietnamese cuisine is famous all over the world and offers well-prepared freshly prepared food so you can eat like the locals without worry. Explore the narrow streets of the big cities and taste. If you want to combine the culinary with the cultural, you can, join the Vespa by Night Street Food tour in Saigon, where you visit both eateries and venues.

If you want to know more about the noodle dish Pho or other local specialties, we have gathered some of our knowledge on this page about the Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnam with kids

Vietnam is a great country to visit when travelling with kids. The vietnamese people is very friendly and welcoming, and the countrys climate and nature makes Vietnam an ideal destination for families.
We have made a list of great activities for children visiting Vietnam. 

We have made an ready made suggestion for families travelling to Vietnam, but can make an tailor made travel, that suits your family.  

Hanoi guide

Hanoi has been Vietnam’s historical and political center for more than 1000 years. The city therefore offers many exciting experiences, such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleet or the iconic “Old Quarter“.

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10 exciting things to do in Hanoi

Guide to Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly: Saigon), Vietnam’s largest city and the place where the Vietnam War ebbbed out at Saigon’s fall in 1975. The metropolis and its territory offer a wealth of interesting experiences, including the site of Fatastic relics from the time of the Vietnam War, including the legendary Chu Chi tunnels.

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Guide to Vietnams ethnich groups

Vietnam is home to countless ethnic groups that make the country a very interesting destination. On your Vietnam trip you will surely encounter different ethnic groups, for example if you visit Topas Ecolodge in the Sapa region you will probably get acquainted with the Dao & Hmong people.
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Colorful minorities

Guide to Vietnam National Parks

Vietnam is a country with great biodiversity, the country’s national parks and nature reserves are therefore an excellent way to experience the country’s diversity. You can, among other things, experience exotic wildlife in Cat Tien National Park.

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Running in Vietnam

Vietnam is relatively new on the running scene, but delivers some great opppurtunities for running. When visiting the big cities, you can begin the day by an early morning run, together with the local people, before the traffic gets heavy and the temperatures to high. 

When staying in or near the national parks, you can enjoy an real nature running experience, on small trails through rice fields or jungle like forest. 

Topas is host of three unique trailrunning races in Vietnam, collected in Vietnam Trail Series

Topas Lodges in Sapa

Topas has been in Sapa for more than 20 years. Through the years we have worked closely with local families. Today you can visit Topas Ecolodge on its own hill top, or Topas Riverside Lodge as far into the valley as you can go, just on the edge of the jungle. 

You can enjoy the beauty of the views and nature, or do a hike or bike ride with one of our local guides, to show you the very best of Sapa, including a visit into the home of one of the minority families living in the mountains


Weather in Vietnam

The weather in Vietnam can be quite diverse, as the country covers more than 1600 kilometers from north to south. This means you can experience both tropical and sub-tropical climate in Vietnam. 

You will always be able to find great weather in Vietnam, so you can visit the contry year round.

We have made a short guide to the weather in Vietnam.