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When traveling to Vietnam with Topas you get:


Topas is with you all the way, we have as the only Danish travel agency, own offices, hotels and logistics in Vietnam and it for 20 years.


Topas in Denmark and Vietnam deliver a high level of service, from thorough departure information, direct contact while you are traveling and until you are well back in Denmark.


As a traveler with Topas, your journey is covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund. Topas is also a member of the Danish Travel Agency Association

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Unique trips to Vietnam

A trip to Vietnam is ideal for those seeking both nature and cultural experiences in combination with activities along the way. The possibilities in Vietnam are many and that is whether you want to hike, bike, row kayak or just cruise in Halong Bay. All journeys have a natural touch of Vietnam’s history. Wherever you are, you will see reminiscences from earlier periods.

Your Vietnam Journey

On your journey around Vietnam you will see references to French colonial times, Japanese / German domination, the Vietnam War, and of course, early dynasties. Similarly, culture and Vietnamese food are an important and natural part of a trip to Vietnam. You will find everything from old temples to new local coffee shops, and the Vietnamese street kitchen offers freshly prepared dishes such as Cha Ca, fresh spring rolls or Pho soup.

Topas has traveled to Vietnam for almost 30 years. We long ago fell for the beautiful country and its people, and therefore formed our own offices in Hanoi and Sapa, built several lodges as well as our own transport company. Your Vietnam travel is therefore characterized by professionalism, local knowledge and quality. When you travel to Vietnam with us, you can expect us to take you away from the highway of tourism, you will be guided to local markets, led by new paths and cruises in waters where others rarely come.

Our team of both Vietnamese and Danish Topas employees are passionate about giving you a buzzing travel adventure on your holiday in Vietnam.