9 things you could try when travelling with kids in Vietnam - and 3 travel advices

Vietnam is a great place to travel with children. The hospitable people and warm climate make it easy to travel around.

2 or 3 generations together or maybe traveling as part of birthday celebration, you can read more about your options on this page


Sit back and experience the city’s hectic life from the seat of a cyclo. Vietnam’s big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, can be hectic and, not least, the traffic culture is a bit different than most people are used to. And it can be a little stressful to move around with children until you find yourself in the Vietnamese traffic habits.

A good introduction to the Vietnamese cities, both in terms of traffic, local people and sights, is from the seat of a cyclo.

A cyclo is a bike where you sit on a comfortable seat in front of your bike driver. The seats fit an adult and a smaller child. The driver follows the traffic in a calm flow, and you sit on the first parquet to experience the sights, the noisy streets, street vendors pushing carts with fresh flowers and stalls selling colorful crafts.

cyclo saigon
sapa black hmong

Stay in Homestay

Stay locally in a genuine Vietnamese homestay. The Vietnamese have a tradition of living several generations under the same roof. So when you stay at a homestay where the family also lives, you often have the opportunity to meet both grandparents and children. It gives a fantastic insight into the Vietnamese life, and since many families have lived in the same area for many generations, they also have a great knowledge of the local area.

The children will often be quick to connect across nationality and can be a great way for the children to be introduced to the Vietnamese play.

children play on the beach - Vietnam

Join in on the games of the local children

In the late afternoon, in many places you will be able to see the locals playing different ball games or playing traditional Vietnamese games. The Vietnamese are a hospitable people, and you will certainly be able to participate in their games and games.
In addition to a cozy activity, it is also a good opportunity to get close to the local population.

Catch crabs

Hoi Ans city center is beautiful and colorful, with its many wood facades, bustling markets and colorful lanterns hanging all over. So a walk around the city is an experience for both children and adults. But there are also many experiences if you go a little outside the center. The pace among the locals is lower and you can go on a boat trip on the canals around the city. Also try one of the local round curve boats and use the opportunity to try to catch crabs between the water bamboo plants.


Kites are more than just toys for the Vietnamese. They are also a symbol of connection between heaven and earth. Used to send prayers for better weather and a good harvest.
The kites are available in all sizes, and many are elaborately designed, like animals or fantasy creatures, and made in colorful materials. Kite festivals are held around Vietnam, where you can enjoy the colorful flying creatures.

kites - Vietnam

Cooking class

Vietnamese food is a big part of the visit to the country. So trying to make the food itself is both an educational and exciting experience for young and old. Cookery school is included in some places as a small part of the accommodation’s total package, but we recommend that you consider a cooking school where you are out shopping. In this way you also get to experience a local market where you are taken around by a local.

Lanterns in Hoi An

As you walk around the streets of Hoi Ans, you can’t help but see the many colorful lanterns. Lanterns are of great importance to the locals, and in addition to serving as both decoration and lighting, they are also used in the hope that they bring good luck to the house where they hang.
The lantern is lit every night, but every month at full moon there is the “Lantern Festival” where houses and shops turn off electronic lighting, and let the lanterns colorful lights stand for the lighting.

Hoi An - Lanterner

Eat fresh fruit

The selection of fruits is much larger in Vietnam. Many kinds you will not find in Danish stores, and even of the individual fruit there will often be many more varieties than you encounter in Denmark.
In many places you can buy the fruit freshly cut, ready to eat. Or get it pressed for a refreshing glass of juice.
Or try a refreshing cup Nước Mía – which is freshly squeezed sugarcane, mixed with ice cubes. A refreshing and energy-rich beverage that can be bought almost anywhere. They cost 5-15,000 dong, ie. about 2-5 kroner.

Go on the market

The Vietnamese markets are an experience for both young and old. Supermarkets are still a rarity in Vietnam, and food is freshly prepared on a daily basis, so the Vietnamese are a crowd that goes a lot on the market. This way you can also buy many things, and especially many fresh goods.

Start your planning here

When you are travelling with kids a bit of planning is a safe way to ensure an better experince for you all.

Make a plan

Make a plan and book the big things from home. Even though Vietnam is easy to travel in, half a day goes by and goes to visit offices and book activities. By managing hotels and logistics before you land, you can spend time experiencing and maintaining a good holiday atmosphere.
Some smaller activities are offered by many actors and are easy to access while others, such as water puppet theater in Hanoi quickly gets its tickets sold.

Spare some time

Make plenty of room in the program and choose hotels where you can hold a day off if that is the mood for.
Vietnam is filled with experiences and impressions, so from time to time there may be a need to disconnect and do nothing. By choosing accommodations that have facilities that suit you, you have the opportunity to choose from and on activities when you are in the middle of it.

The weather in Vietnam

The weather in Vietnam varies, both throughout the year, but also largely because the country extends more than 1600 km from north to south. In the north there are 4 seasons, which in Denmark, while further south are not seasons, but are distinguished between rainy season and dry season. Temperature-wise you have to expect somewhat higher temperatures than in Denmark, so in choosing both activities and accommodations it is good to take it into account.