Traveling 2 or 3 generations together is a great way to travel.

Traveling 2 or 3 generations together on your round trip in Vietnam is a great way to share unique experiences with the ones you love. 

Topas has been sending groups to Vietnam for more than 20 years, and our local employees know where to go when traveling with kids. 

Create a mix of highlights

Vietnam is a very nice destination when traveling with kids. The climate is warm, the locals are friendly and you can make a great combination of highlights for both kids and adults. You should add in a little extra time here and there, to make sure everyone can digest all the impressions in their own pace. We have made a collection of experiences you can include when traveling with kids in Vietnam. You may all have some wishes for your travel to Vietnam. Talk with our travel consultants to create the best mix of highlights, activities and local experiences that suits your family.

Be well prepared and plan in advance

When you travel as a group a bit of planning is a safe way to ensure an better experince for you all.

Make a plan

Make a plan and book the big things from home. Even though Vietnam is easy to travel in, half a day goes by and goes to visit offices and book activities. By managing hotels and logistics before you land, you can spend time experiencing and maintaining a good holiday atmosphere.
Some smaller activities are offered by many actors and are easy to access while others, such as water puppet theater in Hanoi quickly gets its tickets sold.

Spare some time

Make plenty of room in the program and choose hotels where you can hold a day off if that is the mood for.
Vietnam is filled with experiences and impressions, so from time to time there may be a need to disconnect and do nothing. By choosing accommodations that have facilities that suit you, you have the opportunity to choose from and on activities when you are in the middle of it.

Turists riding rickshaws in Ho Chi Minh city

Traveling as a group

No matter if your 3 or 30 people traveling together, we have the experience to handle your group. 
With more than 45 years of experience with groups all around the world and our own lodges, logistics and offices in Vietnam, we at Topas feel assured that we can make an arrangement that suits your family. 

Some daytours fits the entire family. On other days you may want to split for several smaller tours or part of the group simply want to relax. 
We can help you design your trip so everyone gets their share. 


Fresh fruit, fresh brewet Bia Hoi (beer) and fresh spring rolls, Vietnamese food has something for everyone.

Eating in vietnam is a social thing. Often you get a lot of small dishes where you just pick yourself.

Topas Ecolodge breakfast at a sunny day

Package travel

Family holiday

Tips and tricks

Traveling in
Vietnam with kids

topas ecolodge view from pool


Play in the pool, relax in the shade or enjoy a drink-with-a-view, be sure to choose the accomodation that suits the entire group. 

When designing trips for families we listen to your wishes and then use or local knowledge to create the best mix of homestays, hotels with pools and unique lodges like the Topas Ecolodge. 

Vietnam has accomodation in all categories and price levels, but the level of comfort usually is closely connected to the price. 

The weather in Vietnam

The weather in Vietnam varies, both throughout the year, but also largely because the country extends more than 1600 km from north to south. In the north there are 4 seasons, which in Denmark, while further south are not seasons, but are distinguished between rainy season and dry season. Temperature-wise you have to expect somewhat higher temperatures than in Denmark, so in choosing both activities and accommodations it is good to take it into account.

Topas Ecolodge - Sapa - National Geographic Unique Lodges - Pool - faded 2

Topas Ecolodge in Sapa

Add Topas Ecolodge to your round trip in Vietnam, and enjoy beatifully views, private bungalows

and relax at the pool or Spa&Wellnes area at the lodge.