About us

Topas was founded in Denmark in 1973, by adventurers who wanted to take Danes on legendary trips to exciting destinations all over the world. The goal of the active travels was to get close to local cultures, taste their exotic food and explore the world’s magnificent scenery. This is still our strong passion. Topas is part of the Danish Topas Leasure Group. We sell unique and tailor-made quality trips, where you choose the level of both comfort and activities – we always ensure a high level of service.

We are travel specialists in Vietnam!

We are so, because we as the only Danish tour operator in Vietnam have our own offices, lodges and transit facilities  in the country. Our subsidiary was created with the support of DANIDA more than 20 years ago, and today continues to have Danish leadership, more than 150 Vietnamese Topas employees and a respected brand throughout the country.

Our Topas Ecolodge is recognized by National Geographic as “Unique lodge of the World” – as the only resort in Southeast Asia. We collaborate with large Danish and foreign companies when they want to ensure that their events must not go wrong in Vietnam and we organize our own sports events to remote destinations with thousands of participants. In short, most things can be arranged, even on your journey.

Our management and local staff know Vietnam inside out  and they look forward to showing you all the best parts of their own country.

When traveling to Vietnam with Topas you get:


Topas is with you all the way, we have as the only Danish travel agency, own offices, hotels and logistics in Vietnam and it for 20 years.


Topas in Denmark and Vietnam deliver a high level of service, from thorough departure information, direct contact while you are traveling and until you are well back in Denmark.


As a traveler with Topas, your journey is covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund. Topas is also a member of the Danish Travel Agency Association