General information

When you are travelling to Vietnam, many questions might arise. On this page we have collected important information for you as a traveller with Topas.

Here you will find basic knowledge about Vietnam, for example the weather and which season is best in which region in Vietnam. We have also collected a page with tips and tricks, and you can also find our packing list which you can use as a starting point for what you should bring on your trip.

Finally, we have added a link to the different conditions that apply when you buy a trip through Topas.

Fertile green rice fields of Sapa on a sunny day

Useful information about trips to Vietnam

Vietnam is worth visiting all year round. Although the weather can vary, we at Topas have arranged trips to Vietnam in all seasons for more than 30 years. Read more on the page about the weather in Vietnam

We have collected answers to the most requent questions received prior to our guests’ trip to Vietnam on the page with Tips and Tricks for traveling to Vietnam

Every trip with Vietnam by Topas has its own unique mix of activities, therefore it is difficult to make one unique gear list that applies to all travellers to Vietnam. But we have gathered some good advice on how to pack your bag before travelling to Vietnam

Important information for you as a traveller

Read the complete list of our travel conditions

If you want to know more about cancellation insurance for travel you can read on this page

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Busy life of Ho Chi Minh city