The most comfortable way to travel directly from Hanoi to Sapa

Sapa should be included in every travel to Vietnam. For the most comfortable means of transport to this unique region, we have our own limousine minibus, Topas Mountain Express, going from Hanoi to Sapa and Topas Ecolodge, and back. 

Service and safety

If you want experience Sapa and you want to go the most direct way possible, our own Topas Mountain Express offers the best quality service on the market. When you stay in a hotel in  Hanoi`s Old quarter or in the Tay Ho area, our limousine bus will pick you up at the hotel in the morning. The drive to Sapa mountains takes about 5,5 hours, included a break on the way. You can transfer to our Topas Ecolodge or your hotel in the town of Sapa. 

The terrains in the mountains can be challenging and sometimes difficult, but you can rest assured – our drivers know the roads and the landscape in the mountains, as they are experienced drivers from the Sapa area. They know what kind of obstacles that might occur on the gravel and dirt roads, but they also know how to handle it. 

Our buses follow international safety guidelines and they are equipped with only 8 flightseats, instead of 16 seats which is usually normal for this kind of bus. It gives you more space and a much more comfortable transport to the magnificent mountains.  So sit down, relax and take in the beautiful scenery on your way to or from Sapa. 

Topas Mountain Express
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What is included in our limousine bus transfer?

Besides the fact that our direct bus transfer can save you some transport time, if you have a tight schedule on your visit in Vietnam, it is also convenient and it gives you the best comfort. The buses have free wifi, if you need to catch up with your friends or family back home, or just want to check the latest news. And don`t worry about your phone loosing power, as there are 6 rechargeable USB ports you can use. Or you might want to read a few chapters in your holidaybook, as there are private reading lights onboard. 

During the transfer you will make a stop at the Vietnamese countryside, where you can strecht your legs and enjoy a delicious cup of tea, before continuing to the mountains. There is cake and fruits available for you, and also water and wet tissues for your comfort. 

Topas Mountain Express departs from Hanoi in the morning, and arrives at Topas Ecolodge at noon, Sapa town one hour later. From Sapa the departure time is early afternoon, then you pass by Topas Ecolodge, before you arrive in Hanoi in the evening. 


Topas Mountain Express to Sapa

Get a taste of how it is like to transfer to Sapa with us.