The Great Tour of Vietnam

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This active journey goes into depth with amazing Vietnam – the country’s history, culture and nature. The journey offers a wealth of different experiences, from the cooking school in the Mekong Delta, unique dining experiences in Ho Chi Minh City, cycling to the “secret” beach at Hoi An, accommodation in a beautiful post house in the red river delta, near the jungle in the north and on a mountain top at a height of 1000 meters. All this combined with the most beautiful scenery, lovely food and sweet Vietnamese.

Travel day by day

  Activity Accommodation
Day 1 Departure from home country
Our travels are based on departure from international airports in EU, but if you are interested in departing from other airports, we can of course also help with that.

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Day 2 Arrival in Ho Chi Minh City Blue Diamond
When you land at Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Cho Minh City (formerly Saigon), our driver welcomes you and drives you to your hotel inside the city.

The rest of the day you can explore on your own in lively Ho Chi Minh City, or relax after the journey.

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Day 3 Cu Chi Tunnels and Saigon by Night Blue Diamond
After breakfast you will be picked up at the hotel and they will drive approx. 70 km to Cu Chi, where the huge tunnel is located. A visit to the Cu Chi tunnels is a retrospect on Vietnam's close past. You come down below the earth's surface, and can feel on its own body how it was to move around and live in the tunnels during the Vietnam War.

In Cu Chi you see violent bomb craters. The United States bombed close here through much of the war, and you also see the deadly traps that were one of the vietcong's counterparts.

In the middle of the day, back in Ho Chi Minh City, you have plenty of time to sample world-renowned Vietnamese street cuisine.

At the end of the afternoon, our tour guide will meet you at the hotel and then take you around Ho Chi Minh City behind a Vespa.
The experienced driver is used to the city's traffic and together you drive along beautifully lit boulevards, narrow alleyways and busy streets.

There are several stops along the way with the opportunity to taste local specialties, pancakes and Vietnamese noodles. The restaurants are carefully selected. Away from the usual tourist spots, so you can eat local food with the locals. There is of course also the opportunity to taste the pleasant Vietnamese coffee, even the opportunity to learn the art of coffee making - in Vietnamese.

Before returning to the hotel, we stop at a modest place with the most delightful desserts.

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Day 4 Mekong Delta and Cooking Class Coco Riverside Lodge
It is now time to leave the hectic city and venture out into the scenic Mekong Delta. After breakfast our driver will drive you the three hours to Vung Liem out in the delta.

After lunch, the afternoon offers a bike ride. You cycle along quiet small roads, past duck gardens, through rice fields, reed forests and countless small villages. Along the way, you visit a dragon fruit plantation and can also taste the fruit in the garden. You will also visit the local farmer Mr. Cong. Here you will see how he makes the unique and nutritious food-popped rice (a kind of rice popcorn), he will also show you the mix of traditional and modern farming methods used today.

The afternoon ends with a visit to the neighbor. Here, a war veteran will perform traditional Vietnamese music - in torch lighting - the torches are the local Poon Sticks.

The evening will be your introduction to Vietnamese cooking and you will be allowed to try your hand at the kitchen. It is a fun and educational experience and you can take a small piece of Vietnamese culture with you.

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Day 5 Lokal market in Mekong Coco Riverside Lodge
While enjoying your breakfast, the Vietnamese have already loaded their boats and are on their way to the markets and factories with especially coconuts. The traffic on the river is lively, children sailing to school, the adults at work or to the Cao Dai temple.
On today's trip you can experience at close range how coconuts are processed at the factories.

Lunch back at the lodge when you are back from today's boat trip.

In the afternoon, along with the guide, you cycle out and see how the locals process rice and we also visit the more than 200-year-old Chua Xu Temple, where locals and visitors from other provinces come to pray. The bike tour continues through fields, over canals and with stops in beautiful villages before returning to the lodge.

(B / L / D)
Day 6 Transfer to Hoi An Hoi An Garden Villa
After breakfast you can go for a walk in the large garden belonging to the property. In the delta, a special form of coconut tree is grown, which grows in water. Here you can see how the Vietnamese use leaves and originate from the palm for both walls and rooftops.

The locals will also show you how their "Poon" (torches) are made of the same palm.

From the lodge the trip goes to the airport in Ho Chi Minh City, and further by plane to Danang. Here our driver will transport you to your hotel in Hoi An.

The rest of the day you can relax, take a trip to the beach or explore the historic city.

(B / - / -)
Day 7 Relax in Hoi An Hoi An Garden Villa
Today you are on your own in Hoi An and here is plenty to look at. The old town is intersected by canals and you can find everywhere traces of the many traders who have visited the city for centuries. Portuguese, Dutch, Arab, Chinese, French - everyone has been here and left their mark. With the many interesting buildings from the different eras, it is natural that the city has the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sailors have been shopping here and got their clothes sewn in Hoi An since the city's heyday. The harbor is sandy to-day, but it still teems with good and cheap tailors who sew on purpose and deliver from day to day. Is it in Hoi An you need to renew your wardrobe?

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Day 8 Cycling to Hidden Beach Hoi An Garden Villa
After breakfast you will be picked up at the hotel and today's menu is a full-day bike ride. First, the trip takes a local ferry a little up the river, where the first stop is a visit to Cam Kim village, which is especially known for its carpentry and wood carvings. The trip continues along quiet small roads through rice fields to a local market before we take a boat to Cam Thanh village. Here, the brave can try a trip on the water buffalo. The bike ride continues to the peaceful An Bang beach and a delicious lunch at a local family.

The afternoon is for relaxing on the beach, but why not try to catch fish with nets or from the small curve boats? The locals will gladly help you and it is a wonderful experience.

At the end of the day we cycle back to Hoi An

(B / L / -)
Day 9 Hai Van Pass and Hue Romance Hotel
After breakfast, the trip from Hoi An continues to Hue. Along the way, you drive over the Hai Van pass where you can enjoy the view of the ocean the rolling mountain sides.

The afternoon's excursion takes place in cyclo through the small beautiful streets of Hue and back in Vietnam's history with a visit to the Citadel in Hue. Hue was formerly the country's capital and the citadel is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our guide makes sure you get a thorough introduction to this thriving part of Vietnam's history

The Cycloture continues back to the modern Hue, with a visit to the Dong Ba market - the perfect place to experience Hue's food culture, daily life and workshops.

(B / - / -)
Day 10 Thuy Bieu Village and Tam Giang Lagoon Romance Hotel
Today, both cultural and historical experiences await Thuy Bieu, spiced with stunning scenery in the Tam Giang lagoon.

In the morning, the local guide will pick you up at your hotel, and together you will sail with a boat to Thuy Bieu village. The first stop of the trip is the Thien Mu pagoda, the oldest pagoda in area and a landmark for Hue. The pagoda was originally built in 1601, but has been torn down and built up several times since.

In the Thuy Bieu village you participate in a cooking school and can make your own pomelo jam. Enjoy a break in the garden with a cup of lotus tea, another local specialty.

The trip continues to the Tam Giang Lagoon, which is the largest coastal ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Here, magnificent maritime nature awaits, and you get the opportunity to try your hand at various activities. You can go fishing with the locals or the tranquility of a Sampan Boat, a flat-bottomed Chinese wooden boat. Maybe you can even catch your lunch, but otherwise lunch is provided with everything from the sea, of course freshly caught.

The boat tour continues until the sunset colors the lagoon purple. Here it is difficult to keep the camera in your pocket…

At the end of the day, our guide will ensure that you return to your hotel in Hue.

(B / L / -)
Day 11 Ky Son Village Moon Garden Stilt House
You have free time until our driver drives you to the airport in Hue.

At Hanoi Airport you will be met by our driver and driven the 70 km to Moon Garden Homestay, located in Ky Son Village - an ideal place to experience the culture and history of the Red River delta.

On arrival you are welcomed with a welcome drink, a herbal tea made from local herbs. Then you have free time to explore the Homestay before participating in the cooking course followed by lunch. Try a pedicure with your fingers first dipped in scented lime juice and then a traditional herbal hand massage.

Then free time to relax or converse with the host family about food, culture, customs. If you want to learn a little Vietnamese, one of the family members can teach you.

In the afternoon, you can choose between a short 6 km trip or a long 12 km walk to explore Duong Lamb's historic village and surroundings.

Back at the Moon Garden Homestay, try local drinks and taste some of the local produce such as corn, sweet potatoes, cassava and peanuts (depending on the season) or some traditional desserts. In the evening, watch Buddha worship before dinner is served. Then you can enjoy a foot bath in hot water with ginger, salt and medicinal herbs before watching bedtime, which should lead you to a deeper sleep.

(B / - / D)
Day 12 Duong Lam Ancient Village Hong Ngoc Dynastie
The morning starts with traditional Yijinjing exercises (quiet soft movements), so you are well underway with the day and are ready for today's bike ride. The tour goes to the traditional villages of Ky Son, Tam Son, Van Minh and Cham. Continue to Duong Lam's ancient historic village and the Mia Pagoda.
At the paths back towards Moon Garden you will pass the Ngo Quyen tomb and Phung Hung Temple.

Now you can relax in the hammock in the garden, take pictures or go on further exploration in the nearby surroundings or in Ky Son until it is time to depart for your hotel in Hanoi.

(M / F / -)
Day 13 Nam Cang and minorities Topas Riverside Lodge
Early in the morning, Topas Mountain Express will pick you up at the hotel in Hanoi, and then head off to Thanh Phu Bridge and Nam Cang, where, after a short walk through the village, you will be heading for a late lunch in the comfortable Nam Cang Riverside Lodge.

In the afternoon we explore a typical village inhabited by the Red Dao people. We are in the more pristine end of the Sapa area, and here the Red Dao women still carry some of the most colorful and richly ornate costumes among all of Vietnam's ethnic groups.

Red Dao especially unfolds their talents in healing baths, natural medicine and embroidery. Along with the local guide, you explore the village and see how the Red Dao produce rice paper, silver jewelry and embroidery.

Back at the lodge you have the opportunity to try one of the healing baths with special herbs that your host has collected in the jungle, which begins just behind the house. A very special and life-giving experience.

Dinner is served at the log's large wooden table or on the terrace overlooking the river.

(B / L / D)
Day 14 Jungle in Sapa Topas Ecolodge
Today we are going to the jungle. Together with the local guide, we go from the morning to the discovery of the untouched nature, which fortunately are plenty of here the Sapa area. We must both experience the wild nature with all the scents and sounds and also meet the people who live in and by nature.

The higher you move up, the wilder and more impressive the landscape, trees alternate with bamboo, dense forest with open pieces. Familiar with the cardamom cultivated right here on the slopes, which is an important spice in many of the local dishes.

The locals you meet up here will often go barefoot, and why not you ... Take a well-deserved break at the little stream that runs out of the mountain, throw your shoes, enjoy the water's ripple and just dip your feet in the cool water. Maybe even a dip.

Today is a day where you are good at enjoying the surrounding nature, listening to the jungle birds and just being in the midst of all the overwhelming greenery.

You eat lunch along the way and are driven back to the lodge during the afternoon.

(B / L / -)
Day 15 Relaxing Hong Ngoc Dynastie
Most of the day is at your own disposal in and around Topas Ecolodge. Here is great to be, so maybe it's just what you need - enjoy the facilities of the place, the pool with mountain views, the spa department, relax with a book or go around the area where there is plenty to see. If you want a little further around, you have the opportunity to borrow one of the lodge's good mountain bikes.

You can also take the bus to Sapa, the nearest major city and a tourist and local center in the area. It is also possible to take a half-day trip to the highest mountain in Indochina, Mt. Fansipan (3.143 m.h.) with a newly created cable car.

Topas Mountain Express runs from Sapa at. 14 and from Topas Ecolodge at. 15 and will take you directly to the hotel in Hanoi.

(B / - / -)
Day 16 Cycling Hoa Lu to Tam Coc Amira Homestay
You will be picked up at your hotel at. 8 in the morning and after a couple of hours driving you are in Hoa Lu.

Hoa Lu was formerly Vietnam's capital under Dinh and Le Dynasties in the 10th century, and here you visit the well-preserved Buddhist temples from the 16th century. . The road goes through one of Vietnam's most beautiful valleys with rice fields, villages and limestone cliffs that rise steeply and dramatically from the valley. Not without reason is called the area of ​​the dry Halong. The landscape is really the same - just on land.

At Tam Coc you eat lunch at a local restaurant and are - filled with new energy - ready for today's next great experience. You now need a rowboat ride on the river that cuts through the karst landscape. Besides the beauty of the landscape, you also get the opportunity to visit caves and caves - and just worry, you have a local beetle in the boat.

You can enjoy the evening with your host family.

(B / L / -)
Day 17 Cruise in Lan Ha Bay La Pinta
After breakfast, it's time to head for Lan Ha Bay. Lan Ha Bay is the neighboring bay to the more famous and crowded Halong Bay. In Lan Ha you have the same impressive nature, but share the space with fewer people.

You will be driven directly to the sea and the pier, where a smaller boat will take you to the larger ship, which will sail around Lan Ha Bay. The ship will also be your home the next few days, and therefore you get a good introduction to the ship and the safety aboard during the welcome drink.

Along the way to Cat Ba Island, you sail past lots of small islands, through canals and out through the Cat Ba National Park. Hundreds of beautiful limestone cliffs rise up from the sea, birds of prey circles and fishing boats churn back and forth.

After a delectable lunch with everything from the sea, caught right outside, there is a gangway on Cat Ba Island, where a bus takes you to Trung Trang cave in the protected forest in the middle of the island. On a short guided hike in the forest you will be introduced to the national park and the tropical nature.

Then there is the possibility of bathing and kayaking.
Back on the boat, the chefs will introduce you to traditional Vietnamese cooking. Maybe you will learn a few new tricks that can dup home in Denmark…

Dinner is served on board.
After dinner, try the squid fishing or enjoy your free time on the private balcony of your cabin.

(B / L / D)
Day 18 Hanoi Hong Ngoc Dynastie
Wake up in the middle of the bay, breathe in the fresh air, watch the sunrise on the wide horizon and admire the breathtaking archipelago. A short boat trip in smaller boat takes you to a nearby fishing area with really nice opportunities for pictures.

Back on the cruise ship you can enjoy breakfast before heading for the Dark & Bright Cave. To get all the way to the cave you need to sail with a bamboo boat.

The cruise ship serves a delicious fare brunch before their limousine service returns you to Hanoi.

(B / L / -)
Day 19 Hanoi - flight to Denmark
Enjoy the last day in Hanoi before returning home. Our driver will pick you up at the hotel and drive you to the airport.
Day 20 Arrive in Denmark

From 3,933 EUR / adult

From 2,740 EUR / child

+ 630 EUR for solo travellers

The price includes

  • Seat in coach Limousine to/from Sapa
  • Water & snack on excursions in Sapa
  • Bicycle, kayaking & bamboo boat
  • Boat cruise in Tam Giang Lagoon and Mekong Delta
  • Domestic flight ticket Saigon – Danang & Hue – Hanoi (Economic class)
  • Flight from international airport in europe
  • All local transport in private car with driver unless othervise stated
  • Local english speaking guide during excursions
  • Sim-card and phone hot line to local Topas employee in Vietnam during entire
  • Accommodation at indicated hotel (twin shared room)
  • Meals as indicated above (B = breakfast, L = lunch, D= Dinner)
  • All entrance fees to the indicated places
  • Airport taxes and fees
  • Contribution to the Travel Guarantee Fund

The price does not include

  • Drinks and meals not mentioned in the detailed program (approx. USD 5-15 pr. meal)
  • Visa
  • Personal insurance, travel insurance and cancellation insurance
  • Tips for tour guide and driver
  • Personal expenses

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