Benefits when you travel with Topas

Topas was founded in Denmark in 1973 by genuine adventurers who wanted to show travellers a world of exciting intercultural encounters, beautiful nature experiences experienced through active experiences. That is how it is even today!

In the 1980s, Topas was one of the first international travel companies to offer trips to Vietnam after the country was opened to tourism. It soon became clear that Vietnam is a great country for travel. With the help of DANIDA, we established together with a local Vietnamese family Topas Travel Vietnam. The ownership is unchanged and now represented by second generation.

What does Topas’ story mean to you? 

Having local ownership and more than 20 years of experience are important in a country like Vietnam.
We know what is happening where, how the different destinations develop and where you continue to experience exciting cultural encounters far away from everyday life. We research all the trips ourselves and have year-long relationships with the best suppliers, incl. options for logistics, transportation and local accommodation.

In addition to designing the journey, we also follow all our trips closely. When you are traveling, a team in both Vietnam and Denmark closely follow your journey to ensure that nothing is left to chance. If you have any questions or need good advice during your trip, you can always reach us.

Our 150 local Topas employees are proud to work for a Danish-Vietnamese company, as our brand is known for quality throughout Vietnam. We arrange the largest running events in the country and our Topas Ecolodge is respected for its efforts within sustainability.

Tourist walking alongside abandoned rails in Hanoi


Topas sell quality travel packages, with exciting active content and accuracy in mind. We do not sell the cheapest travel packages on the market, as it simply cannot be done. Like many other things, price and quality go hand in hand, when it comes to travel. Topas in both Vietnam and Denmark are respected for this in particular. We want to design trips that show you the best Vietnam has to offer and with a wide range of activities not found alike on the Danish travel market.


When traveling with Topas, you have access to personal service and help throughout your journey. From before you order your travel package until you have returned home safely. Your trip is handled by Topas offices in Denmark and Vietnam to ensure that you get the best service when needed.

On a Vietnam city Topas trip, we also take care of your transportation around the country. This way you can relax and rest assured that our drivers and guides are always ready to help you with the next step of your trip.

If you want to know more about our travel packages, please contact us for further information.

The Topas Mountain express entering the remote and beautiful mountains of Sapa
Fertile green rice fields of Sapa on a sunny day


Vietnam by Topas is part of the Danish company Topas Leasure Group, known for quality travel throughout the world. When travelling with us, you are covered by the Danish Guarantee Fund.

Topas is also a member of the Association of Danish Travel Agents and Tour Operators.